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Help save your family’s health and the environment, and save money by using the dryer system. These re-usable dryer balls are a new "green" alternative to chemical fabric softeners and dryer sheets. The Life Miracle® Dryer System™ is a non-toxic, energy saving green product that will allow you to dry and soften your clothes
without petrochemical-based fabric softeners and chemical dryer sheets.The Dryer System gives you the unique natural feeling and smell of clothes that were hung outside on a clothesline in fresh air. There are no overwhelming toxic chemical smells or slimy chemical residues left behind. Right away you will smell and feel a difference. Your clothes will actually feel and smell as if you hung them up outside--nice and soft, with no static cling.

Household Savings.
At the supermarket, a box of dryer sheets currently costs five dollars and up. Petrochemical fabric softeners are even more at $8 to $10 per bottle, and costs are escalating dramatically due to skyrocketing manufacturing and transportation costs caused by high energy prices. Many households go through several boxes or bottles of fabric softener a month. Though fabric softeners may seem like a minimal expense, they are used and purchased so frequently that many households spend a small fortune on them every year. It is just one more household expense that you do not need, and one you can reduce or eliminate with the Dryer System. Also, reducing the amount of harsh chemicals you use on clothing and reducing the necessary drying time causes less stress, wear and tear on your clothing and your dryer. Using the Dryer System may lengthen the life of your expensive wardrobe and dryer and put even more money back in your pocket.
Much Easier and more convenient to use. 
It takes additional energy, and effort to shop for, purchase, transport and store a bottle of fabric softeners and/or dryer sheets from the store every few trips. It also is inconvenient to have to remember to use the product in your dryer and/or washer every time you do your clothes. It is simply one more hassle you don’t need to deal with. The Dryer System dryer balls stay in your dryer and are much easier, safer and less messy to use.

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Top Eight Reasons To Use the Dryer System™

1. Save Money - Energy savings running your dryer may be as high as 25% because of reduced drying time due to more efficient and even air flow in the dryer. Less heat and dryer usage could also lengthen the life of your wardrobe and dryer.

2. Less Ironing - You may experience a reduction wrinkled clothing which means less ironing and less tedious work and maintenance for you to look your best.

3. Less Static - Reduced static cling on all natural fiber fabrics and less friction between clothing.

4. Softer Clothes - All natural fabric softening for your laundry without the need of  chemical softeners or dryer sheets. This will help to save you money, your clothing and your health.

5. Less Lint - More comprehensive removal of additional nuisance lint particles.

6. Safe and Natural - Completely natural process and non-toxic for use around small children and pets.

7. Healthy Benefits - May be significantly healthier for families and people suffering from allergies, chemical sensitivity and respiratory problems because you are replacing chemicals.

8. Safe For Colors - Will not bleed colors on fabrics.