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Don't just take our word for it! here are testimonials from real life users of the laundry system. These folks are just like you and their feedback will give you honest insight into what some actual families think of using this product in their own homes.


Thanks Yvonne for stocking this amazing product! It's been helping me save money in the past year. Must be nice to be able to sell this product to many! This order will be a gift for my mom who is on the other side of the planet, so thanks for sharing this wonderful gift of infinite "detergent" with Canada!
Blessings,  Gene

I think it is important to see how the magnets revive the clothing that it washes. The washing brings the clothing back to new by removing the petrochemicals infused in the past washings. Therefore the clothes should last longer and it feels new and more natural. The life of the clothing is more important than the cost of detergent. I would hope that more people would experience this transformation to natural processing.
~ Ron Rochon

Dear Yvonne, i used the magnetic balls in my washing machine , they really work excellent even better than detergents i was afraid that these balls might hit the water drum while spinning and thus destroy the washing machine but i didn't encounter such a problem . it seems that the problem i was thinking of is hypothetical (imaginary) thank you so much for your guidance and co-operation ( you offer the best post sales service )
~ kind regards Mazen

I am so excited and happy with your product. I absolutely LOVE the laundry balls, they work great and I have soft baby clothes AND I took my laundry system out of my washing machine last night and placed them in my dishwasher and ran it. Amazing!!  The dishes came out sparkling clean. Thank you so much!
~ Michelle, Ontario, Canada

OMG! We love our magnetic laundry balls! I have had them now for over 6yrs and they are amazing! My husband is in construction and they clean his dirty clothes no problem, we both also run and bike and they clean our sports clothing fantasticallly, we are amazed as much today as we were 6 yrs ago! They simply work so well, we love them! Why would anybody use detergent when all they need are the laundry balls!
~ R & K H, Ontario, Canada

"I have used this laundry method now for almost six months and love it. I was delighted when I hung my socks on the clothes line and they felt like brand new - not the hard soled uglies from the previous wash with soap! Having a well as my water source I appreciate using less water (no rinse necessary) and not polluting with soap residue. Thanks to Yvonne for the introduction!"
~ I. P. Blueberry Hill, Rodney , Ontario

"I love it. the magnets work better than detergents. I would never have believed it . if I had not tried it. The fabrics feel so much cleaner and look really fresher and lighter without the detergent residues Take care of your Environment. use the Earth's own energy. the magnets really work."
~ P.G. West Lorne , Ontario

"I was leery at first. I tried them for a week. My husband drives a dump truck and gets dirty and stinky. Lo and behold, no dirt and NO STINK!! And talk about savings on detergent. It will pay for itself in about 1 1/2 months."
~ D.C. Plumerville, Arizona

"Even after reading testimonials etc., I was still amazed. Clothes come out really nice and clean. We raise animals so after doing chores, sometimes our clothes are really dirty!"
~ J.O. Ft. Dodge, Iowa

"Absolutely super! Especially for my children with skin problems."
~P.N.V. Soest, The Netherlands

"I'm really satisfied! Eliminates odor static. Revives color. Clothes are really soft!"
~ H.L. Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec

"Wonderful! Plumbing uniforms and son’s wet sheets – ALL clean!"
~ A.S. Amherst, Virginia

"I am totally amazed, pleased and satisfied. I want to tell everyone. My laundry is clean and bright. Thank you."
~ B.K. King City, Ontario

"I'm very excited about the advantage to the environment and the financial savings. Also they make the laundry process easier."
~ P.H. Scarborough, Ontario

"Very impressed! Clothes are soft, clean and residue free. I'll spread the word!"
~ M.H. Peterborough, Ontario

"Excellent. Will never use detergent again!"
~ A.M. Ottawa, Ontario

"We love the laundry balls! They clean beautifully and our laundry smells so fresh! We're delighted not to purchase/use detergent!"
~ G.S. Windsor, South Carolina

“I didn’t believe that they would work. But, I was sick of paying so much money for laundry detergents. So I tried it and I’m amazed at how clean my clothes are. I will never waste money on laundry soap again.”

~ E.P. Thunder Bay, Ontario